Magical Moments at Blairquhan Castle, by Ayrshire Wedding Photographers

When Janet and Fraser were looking for wedding Ayrshire photographers to photograph their wedding at Blairquhan Castle near Maybole, I was delighted when they asked me to capture the day for them.

I had never photographed a wedding at Blairquhan Castle before but one thing I always do prior to photographing a wedding, is to to a recce of the location, even if it’s venue I know very well. When I did the initial recce a few weeks prior to the wedding, it was a very hot sunny day but knowing that the weather could be very different on the day I made sure I had plenty of alternative locations to use just in case it wasn’t as sunny on the wedding day.


Confetti shots are always fun ones to get as they so spontaneous.

Thankfully, Blairquhan Castle is perfect if the weather isn’t ideal as it has some wonderful interiors. I was particularly struck by the main hall where the wedding ceremony was held. Above this there is balcony which looks down into the hall. This is surrounded by some lovely wood panelling and more importantly has lots of lovely natural light. Even if the weather was going to be good outside, I wanted to do shots shots here as the light is perfect for informal, relaxed wedding photography.

Blairquhan Castle has some wonderful interiors which are perfect for wedding photographs.

Unfortunately, when Janet and Fraser’s wedding day came, the forecast was for rain but my experience is that very rarely, if ever does it rain the whole day. There is always a little window you can use. Thankfully we managed this for the confetti shot just after the ceremony but when it finally started to rain I decided to make full use of the locations inside the castle I’d identified during my recce.

It’s impossible to plan for a sunset like this but myself and my assistant Willie were quickly able to set up some location lights to take full advantage of it.

The silver lining was that after the meal we were treated to a wonderful sunset! Although, I’d planned to do some shots in the gardens this was something I couldn’t plan for. Sunsets like this don’t last very long so myself and my assistant Willie quickly set up some location lighting to do some portraits of Janet and Fraser with the sunset behind them. Even when the weather forecast is poor there are always those magic moments.

If you are getting married at Blairquhan or any other venue then why not drop us an email or call me for a chat.

I always like to do some informal bridal portraits prior to the ceremony. It’s always such a special moment when the bride sees herself in her wedding dress for the first time.