Looking for Wedding Photographers in Ayrshire, Glasgow or Edinburgh?

When couples are looking for wedding photographers they often like to look for a photographer who is based close to the venue, whether that be in Ayrshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh or further afield, although if you want a good photographer there isn’t really any advantage in that.

I only charge travel for exceptional distances such as the Highlands and Islands or Borders of Scotland. I actually live in Ayr but I also have a studio in Glasgow, so I’m happy to meet couples wherever is convenient, including at their wedding venues.

I always like to keep shots as natural as possible. After we’d done a few posed ones at the end of the pier I asked Catherine and Barry to walk back towards me which made for a great shot.

Catherine and Barry asked me to photograph their wedding at a venue I’d never been to before called The Vu, which is just outside Bathgate near Edinburgh. Unlike conventional venues which are usually hotels or castles, this is actually a purpose built wedding venue which only opens for weddings.

I always visit a venue prior to photographing a wedding, so I arranged to meet Catherine at The Vu to chat about the day and also check out the best locations. The venue is very well designed from the point of view of wedding photographers. The venue itself is built on a former fishing loch which surrounds the wedding ceremony room. Although both the venue and the loch are fairly modest in scale, it does allow for some excellent views and background for wedding photographs. One other nice feature is the purpose built pier which juts out into the loch.

The main wedding venue at The Vu, although fairly small in size is very well designed with lovely natural lights and a great view over the Loch.

The only downside is that the venue often book two weddings on the same day, which makes time for the photography quite limited. Normally, I’d allow between an hour and and hour and a half for photographs but I only had 30 minutes before we had to move out of the ceremony room and into the function room which is a short walk away. Thankfully, meeting with Catherine and the venue staff beforehand allowed me to plan for this limited time slot so when it came to their wedding day I was able to capture everything they wanted in a nice relaxed way.

No matter where you are planning to get married, I’m always happy to meet up for a chat with no obligation to book. Why not call me now on 0141 363 0020 or 01292 859 001 or drop me an email.