Bizzykidz Useful Information

Deposit and Cancellation

To book a session there is a £40 deposit which is non-refundable. For the basic package there is just a remaining balance of £30 to pay on the day.

If for some reason you aren’t able to attend on the day please let me know at least 24 hours in advance. If you don’t do this you will lose your £40 deposit and will need to pay again to secure another session.

Session and Image Prices

The session includes 4 Low Res images for you to use on your Bizzykidz profile page. Extra or Hi Res images for prints can be purchased on the day. The costs are as follows:

Deposit – £40
Session including 4 Low Res images – £30
Session including 9 Low Res images – £50
Session including 4 Hi Res images – £50
Session including 9 Hi Res images – £70
Individual Hi Res images – £20

(all the above costs include VAT at 20%)


It’s recommended to try and arrange your babies feeding and sleeping so that they are at their best and don’t need to be woken from sleep for the shoot.


Only identical twins can be booked in under the one session as they are photographed together. Bizzykidz will have confirmed with you if your twins have been accepted as identical twins for the purposes of the agency. If you have non-identical twins and want them photographed on the same day, please make sure that you have booked a DOUBLE session, otherwise it won’t be possible to fit both in on the day.

Notes on Session

The main purpose of the session is to let potential clients see how your child looks in a fairly natural way, so please avoid anything that is too distracting. Remember it is not a fashion or make-up shoot. Clients viewing the images will have their own ideas about how clothes or hair can be changed.

1. Glasses – If children wear glasses most of the time then they will be photographed wearing glasses as this is how they would normally be presented to a client. This may of interest to clients looking for a child to model glasses or eyewear so it is not a necessarily a disadvantage.

2. Hair – Afro hair should be loose and natural. We generally prefer hair loose and natural rather than tied up but a full length shot can be taken with hair tied up to show an alternative look.

3. Make-Up – This should be AGE APPROPRIATE. Best kept to a minimum. Again, clients want to see your child, not how good the make up is!

4. Jewelry – Again, best kept to a minimum if at all

5. Re-touching – If your child has a spot or scratch on the day this can easily be retouched. Anything that is permanent though such as freckles or birth marks will not be retouched. Again, this could be of interest to clients who might be looking for a child with freckles. Equally, certain things can be covered up with make up but it is better to leave this to the client to decide.

6. Children should be dressed in black, or for younger children white. Slightly off white is preferable as we shoot on a white background. The black and white outfits are for model agency purposes. If you would like photos for your own us,e or to give a greater range in your child’s portfolio then please bring along another section of clothes. There will be time for one change of clothes but you can bring a selection to choose from.

7. Accessories – No hats please or anything covering the head.

8. Most importantly, HAVE FUN! From experience, the best children to work with are the ones who are natural and enjoy being in front of the camera, rather than feeling pressurised. Part of the process of doing a shoot is to try things out and see what works, so there shouldn’t be an expectation to get things right all the time. If something doesn’t work then we will move on and try something else. What’s more important is that your child listens to instruction in a creative way and is willing to try things out.

Directions to Studio and Parking

There is street parking immediately outside my studio which is free on a Sunday. However, if these are all full then there is an open air NCP car park across the road which is about £1.80 for an hour or £5.50 for half a day.

Please note that my studio is at a different address from the one on my website and my correspondence address: There is also no reception so you will need to phone when you arrive so my assistant can come and let you in.

My studio is located here.

The Briggait
141 The Bridgegate
G1 5HZ

This is the old Glasgow fish-market building which is next to the Clutha pub. It’s hard to miss as it has a large clock tower in the middle of it!