Winter Weddings  – an Ayrshire Wedding Photographer’s View

When I meet couples at home in Ayr or my studio in Glasgow to discuss their wedding photography, they are often worried about the weather if their wedding is in the winter. My own wedding was in January so it’s something I’ve experienced myself. It turned out to be a lovely crisp winter’s day with blue skies and the photographer managed to get some brilliant images.

Margaret and Neil’s wedding at the New Lanark Hotel had a lovely Christmas theme which worked great for photographs with the bridesmaids.

I’ve often photographed a wedding in the summer and it’s been overcast with rain so there’s no real guarantee, whatever time of year you choose. Thankfully, one thing I’ve never experienced as a wedding photographer, is a day that has had rain all day. Even on bad days, there’s always a break in the weather at some point.

One thing I always do prior to a wedding, whether that is in Ayrshire, Glasgow or further afield, is do a recce of the venue. As well a looking for ideas for photographs and suitable places to take them, I also identify places at the venue where photographs can be taken if it’s raining or too windy outside. If it’s a summer wedding, I look for areas with shade in case the sun is too strong.

With the shorter days you can use that to great effect but using some atmospheric location lighting such as this shot taken at the New Lanark Mill Hotel.

As a Ayrshire wedding photographer, this is crucial as it means I can devote all my time capturing the day and creating stunning images rather than working about what the weather is going to do and where to take the shots. I can very quicky adapt to what happens on the day.

Couples also worry about the lack of light in the middle of winter and certainly it is a bit more restrictive in terms of availability. However, you can turn that to your advantage and just embrace the dark. I always carry a full range of portable lighting with me and work with an assistant so I can create very atmospheric wedding photographs outside. To do this in the summer you need to wait till about 10pm by which time everyone is enjoying the reception!

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There are always great details to capture such as this one of a winter wedding cake.